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Are you looking for a suitable hospital in Rhineland-Palatinate? The hospital directory Rhineland-Palatinate supports you in finding a hospital in Rhineland-Palatinate that suits your needs. You can use various functionalities in the hospital search to find the right hospital. For example, if you would like to know which hospitals in Rhineland-Palatinate offer single or double rooms or offer physiotherapy, then you can easily display this using the advanced search, this will also show you other equipment features of the hospitals in Rhineland-Palatinate.
Another way to search for hospitals is to use the body navigation in the Rhineland-Palatinate hospital search. Select a specific body region or organ and see which hospitals treat the diseases commonly associated with that organ.
The Rhineland-Palatinate Hospital Directory is based on the quality reports of the state's hospitals. These are updated annually, and in addition the hospitals constantly maintain the data between the annual reports via the German Hospital Directory, which provides the technical basis for the Rhineland-Palatinate Hospital Directory.
A job exchange allows applicants to easily and quickly find open positions at hospitals in Rhineland-Palatinate.